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How To Take Care Of Relaxed African Hair5 min read

Relaxed hair care with TCB Naturals

Relax girl, we’ve got you covered!

We all know that one woman in our lives with perfectly relaxed hair, that is shiny and non-frizzy. Well, for all it takes, as much as we admire this woman, and want hair like her – our lives are too-chaotic to flaunt this glam look. To ensure your relaxed hair stays bouncy, smooth and frizz-free there are a few simple steps we can count on in our daily routine to improve the well-being of our locks. Ready to take a look?

1. Importance Of A Good Shampoo And Conditioner

Let’s not forget that after getting a relaxing treatment, your hair will need regular moisturizing. Wash your hair at least once in two weeks. Avoid using clear shampoos and conditioners, and opt for creamier ones that will help maintain the moisture in your hair.

2. Effective Deep Conditioning

Deep condition your hair after the treatment once every fortnight. Deep conditioning helps rehydrate chemically treated hair making it shiny and strong. We suggest, coating your hair with the ProfectiV Mega Growth Anti-Breakage Strengthening Deep Conditioner starting from the ends and avoid the scalp as much as possible for best results.

3. Detangle With Care

Care for your hair, like it’s your firstborn. Always opt for wide-toothed combs and if your hair is really knotty, use a detangling spray, to avoid any breakage and damage. Wrap a soft towel around your head to remove the excess water. Do not squeeze or wring out your hair, just let the towel soak up the excess water. Then follow with a cotton t-shirt and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

4. Safe Moisturizers

Amp up the volume with a water-based moisturizer. You could also use a dime-sized amount of coconut oil across your hair. Trust us, coconut oil penetrates deep within the hair, providing protection and helping to retain your hair’s natural moisture. Need we say more?

5. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

Air drying is one of the healthiest options to maintain relaxed hair health. We suggest you wash your hair on a weekend when you don’t have too much to do. You girls already know that washing your hair can be a full day ordeal! If you absolutely must use a hair dryer, blow dry it on cool or medium heat, about 10 – 12 inches away from your head. ALWAYS use a heat protecting spray. After your hair is completely dry, you may use minimal heat styling products such as a ceramic flat-iron to straighten your hair.

You can live by our tips and tricks to take care of your treated hair.

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