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A Relaxer For Every Hair Type2 min read

It can be a challenge for textured-hair girls to achieve silky, frizz-free straight hair. The good news is Lye-relaxers like TCB Naturals No Base Crème Relaxer can straighten coily, curly or wavy hair and keep the frizz at bay. Girls, you just need to make sure you choose the best relaxer for your hair. Scroll down to choose a suitable relaxer for your hair type.

Relaxer Strength

Choose a relaxer strength compatible with your hair type. Picking the correct strength formula is super essential; here is how you can decide

If you have a fine hair texture and relatively smoother strands, then you would want to use a regular relaxer strength. TCB Naturals No Base Crème Relaxer (Regular) relaxes your curls as required and reduces the damage.

  • Women with tightly coiled, thick and coarse hair should use a super strength relaxer formula. Make sure you apply it as directed in the instructions as incorrect application can lead to breakage.
  • TCB Naturals No Base Crème Relaxer (Super) will strengthen, protect and effectively relax your curls.

While relaxing your hair is relatively simple, it might also be tricky. Maintain your mane and ensure its safety by going through these Things To Know After Relaxing Your Hair.

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