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Benefits Of Natural v/s Relaxed Hair3 min read

Benefits Of Natural vs Relaxed Hair

Natural hair Vs relaxed hair is a debate that has been going on since the past decade! Every hair type comes with its pros and cons, while natural hair might have some benefits, relaxed hair might have other. Confused about which hair style to opt for? We have your back! Check out the benefits of each hair type and then pick your side.

1. The Thickness Of The Strands

Natural afro hair is highly textured and have various patterns. This is why natural hair is relatively thicker and voluminous. On the other hand, chemically relaxed hair is altered; the hair follicles are broken down so it does not curl. Thus, relaxed hair is usually straighter and smoother but it loses its thickness and volume. If you choose to relax your hair, do it with TCB Naturals No Base Crème Relaxer, as it will effectively relax your hair but won’t make it brittle.

2. Tangling

Detangling natural hair is definitely a huge challenge! Even though there are several methods to carry out the process, detangling natural hair always leads to some breakage and hair fall. However, relaxed hair are comparatively easier to manage and detangle, since it is straight and the strands do not knot amongst each other easily. Natural curl queens can apply TCB Naturals Hair food, Herbal Hair food to prevent tangles.

3. Hair Styling

Relaxed hair is great for air-drying and styling. However, natural hair is great if you are a fan of the classic ‘wash and go’ looks!

Did we make it easier for you to decide? Let us know! If you want to know more about hair relaxing, check out Essential Do’s and Don’ts with Hair Relaxers

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