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Common Misconceptions About Relaxed Hair2 min read

Common Misconceptions About Relaxed Hair

Everyone remembers the day of their first relaxer appointment! Since so many years, women around the world have been fed with lies, which made them scared of relaxed hair and its consequences. However, we are here to break some of the most common misconceptions about relaxed hair!

1. Stay Away From Water

We have always been told that water is an enemy of relaxed hair. Many women avoid washing their mane only to preserve their relaxed hair. However, this is false. You need to wash your relaxed hair every few days to remove product build-up and dirt; also, water makes an excellent moisturiser for your hair.

2. Good Relaxers Burn

Ladies, this is NOT true! It is very important to choose a good quality hair relaxer if you are relaxing your hair at home. High quality relaxers do not cause burning sensations in your scalp. TCB naturals No Base Crème Relaxer contains Protein and DNA, which nourishes your hair while effectively relaxing it.

3. Relaxing Leads To Hair Damage

Ignorance leads to hair damage, relaxing does not! It is true; the chemicals in your relaxers can make your tresses prone to dryness, brittleness and breakage. However, with a proper haircare regimen in place, you too can have a heathy relaxed mane.

Relaxed hair requires proper attention and care. Check out How To Minimise Hair Damage When Retouching With Relaxer

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