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Four Reasons Why Your Curly Hair Breaks Easily3 min read

Four Reasons Why Your Curly Hair Breaks Easily

No woman on this planet is a fan of hair breakage. However, Afro curly hair has a different and unique hair structure. Its curl pattern is extremely dense, thus it is more prone to dryness and breakage. Check out the four most common reasons why your strands keep breaking and prevent it from happening!

1. Dryness

Dry hair is the most common cause of breakage. Always remember, your afro is unique and requires a huge amount of moisture. Tropical climate, excessive heat styling and chemicals can cause dry and brittle hair, in turn cause breakage. Applying generous amounts of TCB Naturals Deep Penetrating Treatment can effectively maintain the moisture level in your tresses.

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2. Wrong Styling

Complex hairstyles, tight ponytails and braids can cause tension near the edges and lead to breakage. Even the wrong clamps and elastics can catch and break your curly hair’s follicles. Try loose twists, Bantu knots or protective hairstyles instead!

3. Stress

There are multiple evidences out there to prove that stress causes hair fall and breakage. It makes your hair follicles go dormant, which may result in stunted hair growth or breakage. Managing your stress level can lead to healthy hair.

4. Overheating

Using high temperatures to style your curly hair can lead to damaged hair follicles and breakage. Give your strands a break from heat styling at least once a week. Therefore avoid using flat irons and hair dryers as much as possible. Letting your hair air dry is an effective alternative.

To avoid breakage, you need to know about breakage. Check out How To Differentiate Between Shedding And Breakage


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