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Questions You Must Ask Your Stylist Before Relaxing Your Hair3 min read

Questions You Must Ask Your Stylist Before Relaxing Your Hair

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Choosing to relax your hair is a big decision, and it is important for you to be as informed about the process as possible before taking the plunge. If you’ve never relaxed your hair before, make sure to ask your stylist these very important questions:

1. Is Your Hair Ready To Be Relaxed?

A relaxer completely changes your hair’s structure, which is why relaxed hair is typically weaker. Fragile hair is not suitable for relaxing – make sure to schedule a consultation with a professional stylist and discuss your colouring and chemical usage history. Your stylist would be better able to advise you if you can remember the brand of colour or products you last used.

2. Does The Relaxer Suit Your Hair?

The stylist will perform a strand test to determine whether you have any allergies to the hair relaxer. This step will also give you a clearer idea of how well your mane will take to the hair relaxer you plan to use. Hair relaxers come in three strengths – mild, regular and super, and your choice should be guided by your hair’s reaction to the relaxer. The TCB Naturals No Base Crème Relaxers (Regular and Super)

3. Can Your Regular Styling And Maintenance Preferences Accommodate Relaxed Hair?

Relaxed hair requires more maintenance and you will need to regularly moisturise and seal your hair to keep the strands healthy. You will also not be able to wear braids and weaves for a few weeks after relaxing your hair, as your hair will not be able to tolerate the stress caused by extensions. Make sure your expectations are set right before you get your hair relaxed.

Should you choose to proceed with getting your hair relaxed, you should also be certain about your stylist’s technique. So, Is Your Stylist Relaxing Your Hair Correctly?

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