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Rochelle Humes Hair Secrets3 min read

Rochelle Humes Hair Secrets

Rochelle Humes is ever evolving and so are her hairstyles. She recently decided to embrace her natural curls and has been documenting her amazing transition. Rochelle has become one of our favourite curl-queens in the industry! Her hair secrets are a lifesaver for every girl with an afro, check them out here!

1. Shampooing And Containing

According to Rochelle, it is vital for you to pick a shampoo and conditioner combo that suits your curl pattern. She cleanses her tresses with a clarifying shampoo every week to remove product build-up and dirt. If you wish to have healthy curls like her, follow her footsteps!

2. Leave-in Treatment

This is her go to hairstyle secret! Rochelle believes that you should apply TCB Naturals Deep Penetrating Treatment and then a curl cream while your hair is sopping wet. That is the best way to lock in the moisture. If you apply the product to dry hair, the frizz would have already gotten in. With curls, the wetter the better!

3. Towel Drying Vs Air Drying

Rochelle never uses a towel to dry her hair, as it would create friction and frizz. It is best to let your hair dry 90% naturally and then diffuse it. However, you can also use frizz-taming towels, which is essentially like a cotton T-shirt in a towel shape. Heat is not good for your hair, so avoid it as much as you can.

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