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What is Hair Food?3 min read

What is Hair Food: TCB Naturals

Each and every hair type requires some amount of hair care and maintenance. However, afro hair is unique and has a different curl pattern from everyone else. It requires extra love and care. There is a range of hair products in the market for your tresses; one of them is hair food. It is a simple yet miraculous hair product that strengthens your tresses and keeps them nourished, hydrated and healthy. Read more about it here!

What Is Hair Food?

TCB Naturals Herbal Hair Food is a specially formulated product that contains Lanolin, Vitamin E and Protein. Applying this product daily will replenish your natural oils, add shine to your locs and soften it. Your afro hair is structured and dense, hence it requires ample amount of protein. This product effectively adds a dash of protein to your mane and keeps hair nourished. With regular use of TCB Naturals Herbal Hair Food you will notice that your ‘fro will remain moisturised all day long. Usually these products are not very expensive, so it is a win-win for all you curly queens!

How To Apply TCB Naturals Hair Food?

As soon as you are done shampooing your hair, apply a small amount of hair food on your damp tresses. Make sure you massage the product thoroughly and allow effective absorption. Lastly, wait for ten minutes and then style your ‘fro as you desire. The product will help you sustain the hairstyle all day long and maintain its sheen as well.

What are you waiting for? Go try some today!

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