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What Is The Difference Between 3A, 3B,3C4 min read

What Is The Difference Between 3A, 3B,3C

For all of us hair is more than just a physical attribute, it acts as an expression of our identity, hence maintaining and managing your natural hair is an imperative function. In order to do the same, it is essential to understand the various categories of hair. Hair stylist Andre Walker distinguished hair types into four major categories




4. Kinky

However, even these hair types are further divided into smaller subtypes depending on its features and these differences are crucial to consider whilst choosing your hair products. We are here to make you understand a few key differences between Type 3 hair.


Women who fall under the category have a loose curl pattern. Although the curls are well defined and lustrous, they can be seen in a ’S’ shaped or loose spiral form. They are voluminous, effortlessly beautiful and nourished with minimum dryness. At times, this type of hair can become frizzy due to extreme humidity.


The cuticle does not lay completely flat thus; curls are formed right at the crown and they don’t grow down easily. The curls are tighter and playfully bouncy representing springs or ringlets. 3B hair can appear slightly puffy and coarse, it’s also predisposed to frizz. Products like conditioners work best to avoid dryness and add shine.


3C type is tightly curled or coiled and looks similar to a corkscrew. This is the kinky, curly category where many strands are tightly packed together and hair grows in a rounded shape. Hair has a fine texture, which gives it more volume than 3A or 3B. However, it’s more vulnerable to dryness and frizz as the sebum from the scalp does not travel all the way to the tips. Therefore, it lacks natural shine and loses moisture easily. TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment can define the curl texture and lock in the essential oils for the hair to look nourished.

Check these characteristics to know under which category your hair falls. Take a look at How To Take Care Of Natural Type 3 Hair to make sure your mane is healthy and beautiful.

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