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What Makes Afro Hair Structurally Different?3 min read

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Hair is important for all women; it not only makes a style statement but also represents your cultural identity. Afro hair has always been considered different due to its unique hair texture and curl patterns. More and more women are globally embracing their natural ‘fro, so we are here to tell you what makes your mane so structurally different.

1. Curl Pattern

While others usually have straight, wavy or slightly curly hair, afro hair has varying degrees of tightly curled strands. It may come in spirals, coils, zigzags and loops. It tends to grow upwards and are known for its gravity defying structure.

2. Afro Hair DOES Grow

It is a myth that Afro hair doesn’t grow. All human hair grows about half an inch per month. Afro hair is extremely curly, thus tends to be weaker and more prone to damage and breakage. However, it only requires a little more TLC to avoid breakage. Regular use of TCB Naturals Nourishing Hair Food will replenish natural oils and keep breakage at bay.

TCB Naturals Hair Food

3. Natural Oils

Hair produces natural oils that travel to the shaft easily if you have straight or wavy hair. However, due to afro hair’s tight curl pattern, oils cannot travel up to the shaft easily. Due to which afro hair tends to become dry and frizzy. Make sure you generously moisturise your tresses from time to time.

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