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The Most Exquisite Natural Hairstyles Of All Time3 min read

The Most Exquisite Natural Hairstyles Of All Time

Textured natural hairstyles are unique and something you should be proud of! However, many women fret about their ‘fro because they don’t know how to style it on their big days. You do not have to wear hair extensions to feel beautiful. Whether it is a wedding, a date or a prom night, we have got you covered! Check out these exquisite natural hairstyles!

1. Braided Up Do

natural hairstyles: braided updo

Courtesy: Where it stands

Up do’s always look classy and make a statement. They look even more gorgeous when braids are involved. This elegant braided up do is perfect for special occasions. Apart from looking glam, these thin braids keep your edges securely tucked in. Make sure you apply TCB Naturals Nourishing Hair Food before you start creating this style for a fresh and healthy look.

2. Crochet Curls

crochet curls

Courtesy: Seriously Natural

Crochet curls will give you the ‘big hair goals’ you have always wished to achieve. These natural hairstyles will give you a soft and elegant look, which is perfect for a classy occasion. For long lasting crochet curls, rod your hair with curling rollers, spritz it with some water and sit under a hooded dryer.

3. A FroHawk

natural hairstyles: Frohawk

Courtesy: Pinterest

What is better than a Mohawk? A FroHawk! For everyone who doesn’t wish to shave their sides, a FroHawk is a convenient and a cute way to keep your curls looking glam. You can also part the sides of your frohawk in zig-zag sections to amp up these natural hairstyles.

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