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How To Take Care Of Natural Type 4 Hair3 min read

How To Take Care Of Natural Type 4 Hair

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Type 4 hair or kinky hair can be quite temperamental if denied the right products and styling techniques. This is also the most common hair type for African women, which means that there are several excellent hair care products out there for you to choose from – all you need is to understand your hair type and its distinct characteristics to know which products will work best for your mane.

1. Moisture

Type 4 hair is wirier than other hair types. The hair curl pattern also prevents sebum from your scalp from reaching the tips, which makes the hair drier and more prone to frizzing. A thorough moisturising routine can be your safest bet, especially when you incorporate high quality moisturising products such as TCB Naturals Hair Food.


4A and, to an extent, 4B type hair are suited to a wash and wear routine, provided you nourish your strands with a good moisturising product. 4C hair, on the other hand, is much drier and the most fragile, which makes it best suited to protective styles. Additionally, 4C hair does not have a clearly defined curl pattern and you will need to style your hair to enhance its appearance. Make sure to first protect and moisturise your hair and scalp with TCB Herbal Pomade. Massage the product thoroughly into your scalp and style your hair as per your preference.

3. Maintenance

All three subtypes need a gentle cleanser and regular deep conditioning. Use the TCB Naturals Leave- In Treatment for best results. Make sure to protect your curls at night by using a satin or silk hair bonnet. Use a microfiber towel or a t-shirt to dry your hair to avoid damage.

For a more thorough understanding of your hair type, check out this article on What Is The Difference Between 4A, 4B and 4C Hair


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