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How To Apply A Leave-In Product To Your Hair3 min read

How To Apply A Leave-In Product To Your Hair

Your hair is strongly linked to great culture and ethnicity. We know that your natural hair is extremely curly and coarse which usually grows up than down. Even though it readily absorbs moisture, it also loses moisture quickly, which causes dryness leading to unhealthy and dull hair. However, many products can make hair more manageable than going in for permanent straightening techniques.

One such product is a leave-in conditioner, which include sprays or even creams. It helps  hydrate your hair, locks in the moisture and oils, making your hair smoother, stronger and healthier. Here is a simple routine on how to apply a leave-in product to your hair.

Step 1:

Leave-in products must be applied on wet hair. Thus, the ideal time is immediately after a hair wash. It is imperative to squeeze out excessive water, otherwise the conditioner will get rinsed off. A quick towel dry will help the hair remain damp and is a perfect setting for a leave-in product. 

Step 2:

Next step is applying the TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment thoroughly from the root to the tip. The tips are the most important part and should be evenly coated with conditioner in order to lock moisture. To ensure even coverage, hair can be sectioned into smaller parts. Avoid excessive conditioner as it can slow down results. 

Step 3:

As the name suggests these conditioners need not be washed away. If needed, gradually comb your hair to untangle any knots and let the hair dry before styling it. For better results, it should be used at nights so your hair can absorb maximum moisture uninterruptedly.

This regimen proves to be useful to tame your mane. Check out How To Moisturize Natural Braids For A Glam Look for correct moisturizing techniques.

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