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#TCB Tip: How To Get The Best Flat Iron Result Possible4 min read

Heat…We love to hate it! And we also hate to love it. This is because it tends to be associated with hair damage. However, used in the right way, heat can be an asset to the hair. Here is how to achieve the best possible flat iron results:

1.Do Not Flat Iron Wet Hair

Flat ironing wet hair is a recipe for disaster! Do not do this at all costs. Make sure to dry the hair first, whether using a blow-dryer or air-dry. We repeat, do not flat iron wet hair! This will cause the damage of the century.

2.Use Heat Protectant Before Flat Ironing

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This is where we come in. To protect your perfect strands from the heat. Make sure to use some kind of product of heat protectant, such as TCB Naturals Hair Food. What it does is moisturize and protect your hair from the heat of the flat iron. It also gives your hair the most amazing shine once the flat iron process is completed. Our Hair Food contains Lanolin, Vitamin E and protein to keep your hair moisturized for days!

Check out how Content Creator, @withwendo flat ironed her hair to perfection using the TCB Naturals Hair Food. She nailed her hair and she is a true fashionista!

3.Use The Correct Level of Heat

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Use a moderate heat setting on the flat iron to avoid damaging the hair. Also, do not use overkill with heat. For instance, avoid using a flat iron then getting under a dryer. This is more heat than the hair can handle.

4. Finish Off With Some Sheen Spray

For super shiny hair, use TCB Naturals Sheen Spray once you’re done flat ironing. Our Sheen Spray is like the cherry on top. TCB Naturals Three Oil Sheen Spray is enriched with the perfect blend of Olive, Argan and Coconut oils. This unique formula deeply conditions your hair making it look soft, silky and lustrous! We think we just saw your eyes light up sunshine!

For your convenience, we made a portable 85ml version of the Sheen Spray so you can take it with you on the go!

Now that you know how to achieve the best flat ironed hair of your life, make your way to any beauty supply store or Supermarket near you! Or you could just have it delivered to you by beautyclick.co.ke

Show us your Flat Ironed hair! Tag us for a chance to be reposted on Instagram. Our handle is @tcbnaturalskenya . You can also use the hashtag #HairThatLetsYouShine so that we can find you!

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