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TCB Tips: How to Maintain Your Hair Under a Protective Style5 min read

Bestie. Wearing a protective style? Braids? Wig? Weave? You still need to care for your precious hair underneath. This is so essential to healthy hair growth. You need to take good care of your precious strands so that when you take down the protective style, your hair is not breaking and looks healthy. Here are a few steps you can take to care for your hair underneath a protective style:

1.Moisturize The Hair

Protective styles cut down the work involved in styling your hair. However it doesn’t mean that it erases the work completely. Make sure to moisturize the hair, no matter the protective style. Use the TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment a few times a week and follow up with some TCB Naturals Hair Food on your scalp.

This will help keep your scalp healthy and your hair soft. Taking your hair down will be that much easier if your hair is well-moisturized!

2.Refresh Occasionally

Sometimes you end up wearing a protective style for quite a while. You need to refresh your hair and scalp as well as remove product build up. Do this:

  • Use the TCB Naturals Anti-Dandruff Leave-In Spray on to the scalp. This refreshing spray helps fight dandruff, reduces flakes and relieves itchiness. Our Coconut Oil and Menthol enriched formula reduces dryness and aids in soothing the scalp. So you will have quite the refreshed hair and protective style!
  • To seal in moisture, finish off with some TCB Naturals Anti-Dandruff Hair Food which will seal in moisture and soothe further.

3.Massage The scalp To Activate Blood Flow

Pro tip: Massage the Anti-Dandruff Hair Food into the scalp using your finger tips. The menthol will stimulate blood flow in the scalp and boost hair growth.

4.Protect Your Hair At Bed Time

Every night before you go to bed, ensure to wear a satin or silk bonnet/scarf. You may also choose to sleep on a satin/silk pillowcase. Since you’re working so hard to moisturize your hair, don’t lose it to a cotton pillowcase or sheets!

5.Take Down The Protective Style Gently

When it’s time to take down the protective style, please be gentle in the process. You don’t want tangling and hair breakage do you?!

Good news! TCB Naturals products are available at Carrefour and any other beauty supply store near you! Or you could just have it delivered to you by beautyclick.co.ke

Now that we’ve given you some tips to help you maintain your hair under a protective style, let us know if you have any more tips! Tag us for a chance to be reposted on Instagram. Our handle is @tcbnaturalskenya . You can also use the hashtag #HairThatLetsYouShine so that we can find you!

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