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TCB Tips: The Ultimate Guide For Transitioning From Relaxed To Natural Hair6 min read

We know it can be a bit hard transitioning from straight relaxed hair to curly natural hair. But worry not. We’ve got you. You came to the right place for guidance!

Unfortunately one cannot convert relaxed hair into natural hair. One must chop off the relaxed hair. You can choose to chop it off immediately or you can choose to transition. Transitioning is a process that doesn’t involve cutting off relaxed hair immediately. It means growing out your natural hair as you cut off relaxed ends slowly by slowly.  It takes some time.

This then means that you will have 2 textures: Natural and relaxed which meet at the line of demarcation. This line is very weak and can lead to breakage, so it needs to be protected at all costs!

Here are expert TCB Tips to help you transition from relaxed to natural hair:


Your natural hair will start growing and it will start feeling different from your relaxed hair. The point at which these 2 textures meet, is the line of demarcation. This line is very weak and it could lead to hair breakage! Just make sure to hydrate the new growth. Hydration is key to ensure the line of demarcation does not break. Use the TCB Naturals Deep Penetrating Treatment  after washing your hair. Apply it generously throughout the hair, leave on hair for 10-15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Follow up with the TCB Naturals Leave-In treatment  which comes in handy to provide intense hydration to ensure there is no breakage. It contains a unique blend of Shea Butter & Coconut Oil which deeply moisturizes & nourishes your hair. Use regularly to rejuvenate your hair and make it silky, smooth & healthy!

Finish off with some TCB Naturals Nourishing Hair Food to retain the moisture in the hair!

Low Manipulation & Protective Styling

Now that you have 2 textures in your hair, you will want to make sure not to over-manipulate the hair. Over-manipulation usually leads to breakage because of the line of demarcation between textures. Do low manipulation styles like twist outs, braid outs or bantu knot outs to prevent breakage because the line of demarcation is weak. These will also hide the difference in textures so you will not have an awkward transition phase!

Protective styles such as braids, twists, cornrows and such,  will also help put the hair away so that you don’t have to deal with the 2 textures and your hair can grow even more!


Remember to trim it dear one! Trim ever so often so that you can get rid of weak ends and so that you can ease into your natural hair. When you are finally ready to let go, just chop it all off!

Most of us have been through this phase of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. Just remember that it is a journey and a process that takes time. Be patient with your hair and yourself. Welcome the new look and a new world of possibilities! You can do this. TCB Naturals is rooting for you!

For all the hair care products you will use during your transition phase, look no further than TCB Naturals. TCB Naturals products are available at Carrefour and any other beauty supply store near you! Or you could just have it delivered to you by beautyclick.co.ke

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