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The Best Pre-Poo Routine For Relaxed Hair3 min read


Very often we believe that shampooing and conditioning are the only steps for a healthy hair wash. We forget that there’s also a step prior to that. This is called a pre-poo (procedure before shampooing). Let’s see some pre-poo methods that would make your hair wash an easy task:

1. Pre-poo Using TCB Naturals Coconut Oil

Afro hair is prone to easy breakage and damage as they are very dry. So, it is imperative to oil your hair. Six weeks post the relaxer hair treatment, you need to first pre-poo your hair for best results. Take TCB Naturals Coconut Oil on your palm and apply it all over your scalp and hair. Detangle your hair with fingers. Tie your hair into a ponytail. Wrap your hair with a satin scarf and let the oil seep in. After about half an hour, wash the hair.

2. Apply TCB Naturals Nourishing Hair Food

You need to moisturize your hair as well. This ensures that the natural oil in the sebaceous gland is nourished. It doesn’t lose its efficacy as a result of a shampoo wash. For moisturization, use TCB Naturals Nourishing Hair Food. It is a rich formula enriched with unique combination of natural ingredients. It helps to relieve scalp discomfort. It also protects hair fibers and prevents excessive moisture loss. It is ideal for soothing irritation of scalp owing to dryness. Massage your scalp regularly with this hair food as a pre-poo treatment.

3. Use TCB Naturals Deep Penetrating Treatment

Hair care is incomplete without conditioning. Use generous amount of TCB Naturals Deep Penetrating Treatment.Condition your hair at the roots, scalp and through the length of your tresses before getting into the shower.

4. Wrap Your Hair With Satin Bonnet And Cover It With A Shower Cap

For best results, let the conditioner seep in to your scalp and lock the moisture. Leave the
treatment on your hair for up to 30 minutes before getting into shower



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