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The Right Way to Do A Blowout on Natural Hair4 min read

Blowouts on natural afro hair can be challenging because of the tight coils and curls leaving you in tears, tender-headed and a pile of hair on the floor asking ‘’How did we get here?!’ Even to some of the most seasoned hairdressers! Here are a few tips to get the perfect blowout on Afro hair:

Have patience. Patience is everything!

The first rule of a blowout on natural hair is patience. The patience to section off the hair, the patience to handle the hair with care, the patience to finish what you started. Take a deep breath and start with small sections.


Moisture is so important to the process. Starting with wet/damp hair helps with manageability. If the hair is dry, spritz it with some water. If hair is wet, dry it a bit to get it to a semi-wet state. To further hydrate,  apply TCB Naturals leave-In Treatment generously on each section. TCB Naturals Leave-in Treatment contains a unique blend of Shea Butter & Coconut Oil which deeply moisturizes & nourishes your hair. So the blowout process will be quite smooth! This is also the part where you apply heat protectant to protect the hair from damage that may sometimes be caused by heat.

Comb From Tips to Root

Using a blow dryer, comb from tips working your way up to the roots, combing slowly. Do not. We repeat. Do not comb from the root to tips all at once! This is a recipe for tangles, knots and pain.

Nourish Scalp & Hair

Once all the hair has been blow dried, apply some TCB Naturals Nourishing Hair Food on the scalp and the hair. Massage thoroughly into the scalp and hair and allow for effective absorption. Do one last pass with the blow dryer for the loveliest shine you have ever seen! Once you have styled the hair as desired, spray some TCB Naturals Sheen Spray as the very final touch. Did you know our Sheen Spray comes in a portable 85ml version? You can add shine to hair on-the-go!

For all the hair care products you will use for your blow-out, look no further than TCB Naturals. TCB Naturals products are available at Carrefour and any other beauty supply store near you! Or you could just have it delivered to you by beautyclick.co.ke

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