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3 Reasons Why Your Hair Routine Isn’t Working4 min read

Time and time again we find ourselves thinking about how our hair routine is not working. Wash day becomes a chore because no matter what you do, things just are not working out the way you want them to. Hair feels dry, hairstyles not coming out the way you’d like them to,hair is not growing…Everything’s falling apart! Here are some reasons why your hair routine is not working for you:

1. Inconsistency

You know what they say about inconsistency. The key to success is consistency. To be successful in achieving your hair goals, you must be consistent.We insist on the’’MUST’’ part! You must moisturize, deep condition and trim consistently. You must absolutely detangle consistently to avoid breakage. You must consistently do the best for your hair so that your hair can do the best for you. You cannot apply an oil to natural hair once in 3 months and expect results. Consistency is key, girl.

2. Wrong Products For Your Hair

Do you have kinky,coily hair but you’re using products meant for straight hair? Do you have relaxed hair but you’re using heavy oils and creams? Stop it. Today. But the question is ,how do you determine the right hair products for you? Do this-Go on to the website: youtube.com and search for hair types similar to yours. See what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.  Good thing the TCB Naturals range is suited for all hair types! You could also browse the TCB Naturals Blog to discover the world of articles we’ve written about different hair types. You’re welcome.

3. You’ve Not Changed Anything For A while

You may love spaghetti but if you eat it everyday for a month you’ll get tired of it. The point is that if you keep doing the exact same thing to your hair,using the  exact same products on your hair for a year without varying even once, your hair will boycott this. For instance, you need to know when to use moisturizing treatment versus a protein treatment. You should try different oils and gels to see what you’re missing out on. It’s called a hair routine, but be flexible with your methods.

Don’t get stuck in a rut. We’re here to help!

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