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Must-Have TCB Products For Your Dreadlocks4 min read

Here at TCB Naturals, we have something for everyone! Dreadlocked hair is not an exception. We have just the products you need to keep your locs in tip top shape. Here are 3 must-have TCB Naturals products in your arsenal. We’re all about hair that lets you shine!

1. Leave-In Treatment

TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment belongs in your hair care routine because it contains a unique blend of Shea Butter & Coconut Oil which deeply moisturizes & nourishes your hair. It provides intense moisture, making your locs as soft as ever! Apply daily to dry or damp hair. Squeeze into the palm, rub hands together and run fingers through hair. Distribute from roots to ends. And just like that, you have super soft locs.

2. Nourishing Hair Food

If you have dreadlocks, use our Nourishing Hair Food on your scalp. This moisturizes and prevents dryness. It also protects the scalp from the elements such as sun, chlorine, rain, sea salt and a host of other external factors. Swimming and sunbathing will never be a problem! This makes it a must-have.

3. Hair Oils

Whenever you’re not using TCB Naturals Hair Food, you can use TCB Naturals oils. These are: TCB Naturals Replenishing Coconut Oil and TCB Naturals Argan Oil. Massage these oils into the scalp and apply to your locs. These 2 oils hydrate the hair strand and tames frizz resulting in Shiny, Smooth & Lustrous hair. They also penetrate the hair shaft to heal and replenish from within. Lastly, they provide deep scalp moisturizing, reducing dryness & flaking!

4. Sheen Spray

Everybody needs TCB Naturals Sheen Spray in their life! Including you, and you sunshine. Our Sheen Spray just makes everything that much better. It has a unique formula which when sprayed on your dreadlocks, deeply conditions your hair making it look soft, silky and lustrous. Use regularly to revitalize dry and dull hair for healthy, natural looking results with long lasting shine.

And there you have it! The 4 must-have products for your dreadlocks. Which one do you have? Let us know! In case you need to purchase any TCB Naturals products, make your way to any beauty supply store or Supermarket near you! Or you could just have it delivered to you by beautyclick.co.ke

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