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4 New-Hair Resolutions to Adopt For 20225 min read

 1. Use Hair Food More Often

And now for the most underutilized and understated product on wash day. That’s Hair Food. Chances are that as you are reading this, you don’t own Hair Food. Fess up! No judgement. Just letting you know that the TCB Naturals Nourishing Hair Food is essential and we can prove it. Ours is not just any Hair Food. Ours is especially formulated containing Lanolin, Vitamin E & Protein:

Lanolin (Locks in moisture)-Penetrates the surface and enhances moisture retention on the scalp & hair. So Your Hair doesn’t dry out fast!

Vitamin E (Repairs) – It is an exceptional antioxidant that helps to rebuild and repair aged tissues. When it comes in contact with the scalp, it helps repair damaged follicles and reduces inflammation thereby promoting hair growth.

Protein(Strengthens)- It is a major building block of hair ensuring that the hair doesn’t break and become brittle.

Hydrolysed Collagens-Are natural structural units of the hair body that help improve the hair strength and hair growth.

Hair Food will lock in moisture for a while before you have to moisturize again. This means less breakage and longer lasting hairstyles! From 2022, you will incorporate Hair Food in your hair routine, promise?

2. Trim Faithfully

We know. Your hair has grown a bit longer and you want to maintain the lovely length. However, you need to assess the ends to see if they are healthy. If the ends seem sparse, they need to go. Snip snip! Use sharp scissors to trim the ends or visit your hairstylist to do it for you. We’re trimming faithfully in 2022,right? Right!

3. Practice Self Care and Pampering Your hair:

No more hair neglect in 2022. We rebuke that spirit! Time to step up to the plate and set up a solid hair routine. This way, you will see tangible results as opposed to random ctions. For instance, set up a routine where you wash and treat weekly or bi-monthly, moisturize every two days or something of the sort. Set up your routine with TCB Naturals products from start to finish. Pamper your hair using the best products, that is, TCB Naturals of course! Beyonce was not built in a day. Therefore, consistency and patience is key for long, healthy hair.

4. Try A No-Heat Challenge

Here’s something for 2022. How about going heatless? It’s not going to be easy but it’s worth a try. As you know, heat when used too frequently, can cause hair damage and thinning. Start a no-heat challenge to see how long you can go without using a flat iron, blow dryer or curling iron on your hair. You are bound to see a significant difference.

Which other new hair resolutions do you have for yourself? Let us know!

You will be happy to know that TCB Naturals products are available at a Carrefour and any other beauty supply store near you! Or you could just have them delivered to you by africasokoni.com

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