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How to Re-texturise Your Hair Using TCB Naturals Relaxer5 min read

Don’t get us wrong. Natural hair is awesome. But so is texturized hair! So you don’t want to have natural hair but you don’t want to take the plunge into straight relaxed hair. What do you do? You texturize your hair. Texturizing means using the TCB Naturals Relaxer (Regular or Super) to chemically relax your curls. Not straighten, but relax your curls. Welcome to the texturizer life. Stick around to get to know how you can texturize and re-texturize your hair.

Texturizing can be done 3 ways:

1. Having Relaxer on For Less Time.

The beauty with the TCB Naturals Relaxer is that it is light,easy and safe to use. Remember how former relaxers required you to be a chemist and mix things in a bowl? You won’t be doing that here.  Section the hair into 4 sections and apply the relaxer according to the instructions on the box:

Step 1: Part the hair into 4 sections. Working on one section at a time, apply relaxer crème to hair (1.0 cm from the scalp), moving from the back of the head towards the forehead. Here’s the texturizing  catch. Instead of the usual time that you leave the relaxer on, texturizing requires you to leave it on for between 5 to 10 minutes. When the relaxer application is complete, smoothen hair in the order of application until hair is texturized.

Step 2: Rinse thoroughly with warm water, until the hair is free of relaxer crème.

Step 3: Use Neutralizing Shampoo. Balancing hair pH is essential in the process. The TCB Naturals relaxers come with free Neutralising Shampoo to help you out with this. Repeat the shampooing process until the relaxer is completely washed off. Condition & style as desired.

2. Using Less Relaxer

This method involves using less relaxer than you usually would when relaxing hair. Section your hair into the usual 4 sections but apply less relaxer than required. Leaving you with loose curls, soft to the touch and easy to manage. This is what TCB Naturals Relaxer does for you!

3. Less Time and Less Relaxer

Texturizing can also be done by combining the dynamics of quantity and time. Apply less relaxer to your 4 sections then apply less TCB Naturals Relaxer, for 5 to 10 minutes. Your hair  will be transformed from a tight curl pattern to a more loose curl pattern. 

At TCB Naturals we are experts when it comes to texturizing hair. Trust us! Our No Base Creme Relaxer comes in 2 versions: Regular and Super. They both contain natural oils, protein and DNA to strengthen and protect hair, while effectively relaxing it. Our unique conditioning formula leaves hair texturized,  and manageable, with body and shine so hair doesn’t look limp and flat! The TCB Naturals Relaxers can be used on coloured hair as well. How awesome is that? 

You will be happy to know that the TCB Naturals No-Base Creme Relaxer  is available in 135ml, 250ml and 500ml. Pop into Carrefour and any other beauty supply store near you! Or you could just have it delivered to you by africasokoni.com 

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