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#TCBTips: 3 Ways To Stop Shrinkage On Natural Hair4 min read

If you have natural hair you understand the struggle. Shrinkage is real! Especially on 4C hair. One moment your hair is 10 inches, the next moment it looks something close to 3 inches. Premium tears. Shrinkage is inevitable, but if you want to avoid it, we have some tips you can use so that your hair is ever stretched!

1. Always Let Your Hair Dry When Stretched

Drying your hair can be done by blow-drying but if you are #TeamNoHeat, you will choose to air-dry your hair. However, in doing this, do try stretching methods such as twists and chunky braids, so that your hair will be stretched when it is dry. You could also try to put your hair up in a pineapple or cute bun as you let your hair dry. This will stop shrinkage in its tracks!

2. Use A Lot Of Product

Shrinkage tends to happen whenever you do not have product on the hair. You can try to use lots of product  to weigh the hair down and keep it more stretched. This is not a foolproof way but it sure does help. We recommend using the TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment to hydrate and soften your hair. Be generous and lather a huge amount on your hair. Then follow it up with the TCB Naturals Hair Food to seal in the moisture and add even more nutrients to your hair.

3. Shampoo In Sections

Whenever washing your hair, shrinkage tends to happen. You can nip it in the bud right from the start by dividing the hair into 4 sections. Then you can proceed to twist each section. Unravel each twist and wash that section then re-twist to keep the hair stretched. And just like that you avoided shrinkage, knots and all that jazz!

What are your top tips for avoiding shrinkage? Let us know! Tag us for a chance to be reposted on Instagram. Our handle is @ tcbnaturalskenya . You can also use the hashtag #HairThatLetsYouShine so that we can find you!

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