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Why And How You Should Section Your Hair3 min read

Why And How You Should Section Your Hair

Caring and styling afro hair is simple, as long as you use the correct methods and treat it with care. One of the major aspects of hair styling is proper detangling! If you wish to effectively detangle your ‘fro without damaging them, you must know how to section your hair. Keep scrolling for the best method of hair sectioning!

1. Choose The Correct Comb

While using a wide-toothed comb is an effective way of detangling, you require a special rat-tail comb to equally section your hair. A rat-tail comb is small toothed and has a long thin handle that’s helps you with hair sectioning.

2. Prepare Your Hair

Natural afro hair is dense, prone to tangles, and knotting. Before you start sectioning your hair, it is best to apply TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment for softer, smoother and easily manageable hair. This will make your detangling and sectioning process easier.

3. Sectioning Your ‘fro

Lightly run the point of the comb where you want to make a section and as you part, use your fingers to separate the strands by segregating them to each side of the section. Run your comb smoothly again to make the section more distinctive.

4. Up Your Style Game

You can also go ahead and create a fancy section, such as a zigzag part or a curve parting to amp up your look.

Protecting your hair is as important as styling your hair. Protect your leave out with How To Protect Your Leave Out Hair

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