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How Gabrielle Union Embraced Her Natural Hair3 min read

How Gabrielle Union Embraced Her Natural Hair

Courtesy: Essence

The hairstyle experimenting gal, Gabrielle Union doesn’t shy away from embracing her natural hair with big, bold protective looks – whether on the cover of a magazine or under the arc lights, this popular actor is proud of her textured hair, which she routinely flaunts in protective braids and twists.

However, the journey up until now wasn’t easy for Gabrielle – while transitioning from relaxed to natural hair is an uphill task for most, it becomes a mammoth undertaking when this transition has to be made in the public eye. Gabrielle has spoken about leaving on her relaxer for too long, in hopes of making her hair straighter and sleeker. This, she said, resulted in lesions erupting all over her scalp, and eventually inspired her decision to embrace her natural hair. Here’s how she went about it:

1. Deep Conditioning Is Everything

Gabrielle first debuted her natural hair on the red carpet at a movie screening. In preparation, she deep conditioned her hair a day prior to the actual event. Deep conditioning treatments can add shine and lock-in moisture, preventing frizz. Opt for a good quality, lightweight conditioning treatment such as TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment, which thoroughly rejuvenates your hair.

2. Let Your Natural Hair Grow Out Under Protective Styles

From braids and twists to weaves and extensions, Gabrielle stayed true to her commitment to protective styles, both on screen and off it, to give her natural hair a break from styling. While experimenting can be fun, don’t forget to also give your natural hair the nourishment it needs with TCB Naturals Hair Food.

Regular moisturising is key to keeping your hair in prime health. Learn how to give your hair a moisture boost with our guide on How To Apply A Leave-In Product To Your Hair.

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