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The Fight Between Regular and Super Relaxer4 min read

The Fight Between Regular and Super Relaxer

Choosing the right relaxer for your hair type is essential if you’re looking to minimise the damage to your hair strands and achieve the best possible results. Here, the strength of the relaxer plays a crucial role. This strength is governed by the amount of straightening agent (active ingredient) the formula contains. To understand how relaxer strength can affect your hair, it’s important to understand how relaxers work – the straightening agent converts roughly a third of your hair’s cysteine bonds into lanthionine bonds, and the rate at which this conversion takes place is governed by the strength of the relaxer. TCB Naturals offers two types of superior quality relaxers, the No Base Crème Relaxer Regular and the No Base Crème Relaxer Super.

Using a super strength relaxer on fine, not very curly hair type may result in over-processing, as you will find yourself racing the clock to apply and smooth the relaxer. On the other hand, using a relaxer that is too mild on coarse hair can compel you to leave the relaxer on for too long, resulting in irritation to the scalp. When choosing your relaxer strength, understand that your goal should be to:

  1. Straighten your hair effectively while exposing your scalp and hair for the least possible duration of time to the active ingredient
  2. Have enough time to apply the relaxer to your entire head of hair

When choosing between regular and super relaxer strengths, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is my hair type and texture?
  2. Is my scalp sensitive?
  3. Is my hair already processed? (colour-treated and processed hair reacts more quickly to the straightening agent)

Remember that while super strength relaxers are used often used for curly hair, all types of curly hair are not resistant. Super strength relaxers are better suited to grey hair, certain types of wavy hair, wiry hair and hair with a wider diameter. To better understand the relaxer strength that is best suited to your hair type, make sure to strand test the product. Also, choose a high quality relaxer such as TCB Naturals No-Base Relaxer, which protects hair while relaxing the strands.

Relaxing your hair is a major decision and should be taken after careful deliberation. Prepare well by reading our list of Questions You Must Your Stylist Before Relaxing Your Hair

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