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Essential Ingredients To Look Out For In A Hair Food2 min read

We love how women around the world are embracing their natural hair texture. Although there is a lot of information out there on what works for natural black hair, the role of hair food in preserving and protecting your hair is undeniable. Choosing the right hair food can make all the difference to your hair’s appearance and texture – make sure read the label to ensure that your hair food contains the following ingredients.


This ingredient has a deep moisturising effect on your scalp and hair, and is effective at penetrating the surface. It locks existing moisture into the skin and enhances moisture retention.

2.Vitamin E

This is an exceptional antioxidant; it rebuilds and repairs aged tissues. Vitamin E also repairs damaged hair follicles, and reduces inflammation to promote hair growth. Products such as TCB Naturals Hair Food can be your best bet as they are packed with all the goodness of Vitamin E.


Protein is the building block of your hair. It ensures that your tresses don’t become brittle, keeps them nourished and promotes healthy hair growth. It also helps to strengthen your hair. Choose hair food products rich in collagen-protein, which is the most abundantly-found protein in the human body and is easily absorbed by the hair shaft.

Now that you know which ingredients to look out for, also read our advice on When Should You Use Hair Food to ace your hair food game.

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