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Five Real Signs Of Healthy Hair3 min read

Five Real Signs Of Healthy Hair

Everyone has different opinions on what healthy hair looks like. For some, healthy hair is all about great length, for some it is about the volume. With so many myths and misconceptions out there it is best for you to check out this expert guide and know the five real signs of healthy hair!

1. Minimal Shedding

Pay attention to the amount of excess hair that falls out while you are asleep or in the shower. It is natural to lose 80 strands daily, so if your shedding is minimal then your locs are pretty healthy.

2. Smooth Texture

Healthy hair never feels brittle or dry, no matter how long or short it is. If you run your fingers through your tresses without them being stuck in a tangled web of stiff hair every now and then, congratulations your locs are healthy!

3. It Retains Moisture

If your strands visibly retain the moisture you provide, it is a sign of healthy and strong hair. Generously apply TCB Naturals leave-In Treatment to maintain the level of moisture in your hair.

4. Hair Strength

The strength of your hair makes it possible for you to manipulate it without breakage. Minimal to no damage should occur during the manipulation/ styling of your hair. TCB Naturals Hair Food which is enriched with protein, will increase the strength of your tresses.

5. Shiny Locs

Healthy hair doesn’t need to be drenched in oils to give it a sheen. It is already full of natural shine and lustre.

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