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The Right Way To Mist Your Hair2 min read

The Right Way To Mist Your Hair

Your natural hair is virtuous! It is free of harmful chemicals and are easier to maintain. However, it has a fragile curl pattern and is in a desperate need of moisture. With a hair texture so tight, it is difficult to keep your tresses hydrated. Follow these simple ways to keep your tresses soft, supple and healthy.

1. Water Based Hair Products

Always start with water based hair products. Water is one of the most essential key for moisturised and hydrated hair.

2. Mist And Moisture

If your hair is especially dry, brittle and prone to breakage, regularly spritz it with a water based hair mist. A good quality hair mist will make sure your locs remain fresh and hydrated all day long. However, you must make sure you don’t completely soak your tresses while misting it.

3. Seal In The Moisture

This has to be the last step in your moisturising regimen. Water based moisturisers often evaporate quickly; hence we have to seal the moisture in. Natural oils like Coconut and Jojoba are your one stop solution!

4. Enrich With Protein

We all love styling our ‘fro, but excessive styling strips the moisture and protein out of your tresses. Apply coin-sized amount of TCB Naturals Hair Food before styling your hair. This will maintain the level of protein in your hair and make it easier to style.

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