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Things You Should Never Do While Relaxing Your Hair3 min read

Things You Should Never Do While Relaxing Your Hair

Relaxed hair is as important as your natural hair. It requires extra care and attention as it has been chemically processed. Unfortunately, mistakes made during the process might harness the relaxation treatment. Here are some guidelines on what you should be avoiding while relaxing your hair.

1. Don’t Shampoo Before Relaxing 

Do not shampoo your hair for at least one week before the relaxation process. Cleansing your hair or scratching your scalp will lead to a burning sensation once the relaxing chemicals are applied to your hair. Leave your scalp completely alone.

2. Detangling Before 

Detangle your hair a night before the relaxing process. Use your fingers to gently detangle and remove the knots. Do not use a comb, harsh tugging and pulling will cause itchiness and burning during relaxation.

3. Don’t Use Too Much Heat 

The chemicals in the relaxer might have subdued your hair, so adding heat will only make it weaker. Your hair is straight enough, so it doesn’t require excess heat styling tools. If you really need to use heat, make sure it’s on a low heat setting.

4. Using Heavy Permanent Hair Colour 

When your hair is relaxed, using heavy permanent colours can severely damage it. Opt for colours that are only one or two shades darker than your natural hair. Anything darker or lighter than this will put unwanted strain on your hair and cause breakage.

5. Incorrectly Smoothening The Relaxer 

Smoothening the chemicals in your hair is an important process. Do not comb through the relaxer, it can cause severe breakage. Use your fingers to smooth the chemicals correctly.

Hair relaxing works perfectly when done correctly and can leave you with a flawless and straight look. Check out Things To Know After Relaxing Your Hair, so you don’t strip your hair of its strength and nourishment.

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