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Why Your Hair Products Stop Working2 min read

Why Your Hair Products Stop Working

Let us agree to this, we have all had products that used to work perfectly well on our afro and then suddenly stopped working. Initially those products gave you defined, shiny and healthy ringlets and overnight they stop working! Have a look at these reasons to know why it happens.

1. Product Build-Up

Products that contain oils, silicones and waxes usually lead to product build-up in your scalp over a period of time. It creates a barrier and prevents the products from working on your scalp and hair. Get into a habit of rinsing your hair twice a month with a clarifying shampoo to remove all the product build-up.

2. Environmental Damage

Tropical weather conditions and changes in the climate can cause your products to stop working. There are high chances of dust and sweat being accumulated in your dense afro, which prevents your products from working. Wear head wraps or sport protective hairstyles whenever you go outdoors.

3. Dryness

Afro hair is dense and has a different curl pattern. They are often prone to dryness and brittle hair. Due to extreme dryness, your products stop working effectively on your hair, in turn causing more harm and damage. Make sure you generously apply TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment to keep your hair deeply moisturised, hydrated and healthy.

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