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Why Your Hair Refuses To Grow Beyond Shoulder-Length3 min read

Why Your Hair Refuses To Grow Beyond Shoulder-Length

This season, it’s all about embracing your natural ‘fro and sporting them with pride. However, sometimes it may seem like your natural hair has just stopped growing beyond shoulder length. The truth is that kinky, coily and curly hair are fragile and susceptible to breakage and damage, due to which it may look like your hair growth has stunted or stopped. Keep scrolling to know why!

1. The Lack Of Moisture

Dry and brittle hair can only lead to one result, that’s breakage. It is possible for your strands to break off just as quickly as it grows and appear as if your hair is no longer growing. This happens due to lack of moisture in your ‘fro. It is important to keep your natural hair moisturised by adopting a healthy haircare regimen. Regular use of TCB Naturals Hair Food will replenish natural oils in your scalp leaving your tresses shiny and healthy.

2. Poor Diet & Lack Of Exercise

If you stuff yourself with a lot of junk and greasy food, your hair health could really suffer. Eating food that is high in nutritional value will help your hair get fuller and healthier, in turn promoting hair growth.

3. Wrong Hair Tools

Excessive blow-drying, flat ironing and heat styling can fracture your hair cuticles and cause tremendous damage and breakage. Opt for hairstyles that require less heat styling and switch to wide toothed combs. This will help improve hair health and promote hair growth.

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