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Dominican Blowouts For Natural Hair3 min read

Dominican Blowouts For Natural Hair

Who says Dominican blowouts are only for Dominicans? Curly hair is unique and has a beautiful texture, but sometimes, all of us enjoy a nice change of hairstyle. Dominican blowouts is a low-maintenance and a cute hairstyle that does not require any chemical treatment. Keep scrolling to know how it is done!

The Dominican blowout is a technique that began in the Dominican Republic. It is a chemical free process to wear your natural locs straight and is done by women all around the globe.

1. Cleanse And Condition

The first step is to cleanse and condition your hair. Heated hair behaves best when it is clean and clear of dirt and product build up. Use a cleansing shampoo and follow it up with TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment

2. Hair Rollers

After you have cleaned your tresses, the next step is to stretch your locs with rollers. Try to sit under the dryer with rollers for almost two hours. This hairstyle can be time consuming but the results are worth it!

3. Use A Blow Dryer

After your hair is dry, gently remove the rollers; use a blow dryer with a nozzle and a round brush. This will leave your hair silky, smooth and straight! You can use a flat iron on some sections of your hair for a cleaner finish. Make sure you add a shine serum in the end for a complete glam look!

Viola! Your Dominican blowouts are ready to go!

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