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Four Cool Ways To Accessorise Your Box Braids3 min read

Four Cool Ways To Accessorise Your Box Braids

Box braids are one of the best natural protective hairstyles ever! Because there are limitless possibilities of accessorising them. If you are looking to add a bit of spice to your braids, you can add threads, cuffs, wraps- the options are endless! Check out these four fun ways of accessorising your braids.

1. Hair Cuffs

Courtesy: Hairstyle camp

These cute braid cuffs are everywhere! Numerous style icons are seen sporting these fancy braid cuffs and honestly, we are obsessed with them too! You can easily find them at most beauty supply stores and they are extremely easy to wear. Just apply TCB Naturals Hair Food clasp the cuffs to your braids and you are ready to go!

2. Yarn Wraps

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If you are looking to add a bright colour to your braids without using coloured hair extensions, you can totally rock some yarn wraps. Just get a wool or a thread of your preferred colour and start wrapping! It is extremely easy and gives off a super cool funky vibe.

3. Big Beads

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Beads are not flashy but they certainly add an extra edge to your box braids. Beads are available in wooden, colourful and even transparent textures, so you have numerous options to choose from. Stand out amongst the crowd with poppy beaded braids!

4. Satin ThreadCourtesy: All things hair

If you are looking to amp up your braids but also keep it subtle and sexy, these satin threads are totally your thing! They are easily available and extremely affordable. You can gather threads of various colours and match it with your outfit for a chic look!

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