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Tiwa Savage Shares Her Hair Tips3 min read

Tiwa Savage Shares Her Hair Tips

Cover image courtesy: Ksu Amebo

The Nigerian pop sensation has been taking the hair world by storm, flaunting an array of exciting styles that accentuate her gorgeous features. From outrageous weaves to simpler, more natural dos, Tiwa has worn them all at various stages of her career. To inspire others to adopt her signature flamboyance, the singer has also shared her hair care tips in various interviews. We bring to you some of her hair care secrets, which can add that touch of ‘extra’ to your hair care regimen.

1. Use Protective Styles

Tiwa has a long, natural mane, which she styles into exciting styles for her concerts and shows. However, using too many products and heat under the intense stage lights can take a toll on your hair, making the strands stressed and prone to breakage. Tiwa believes in taking the occasional break from styling with long weaves, which leaves her free to experiment without damaging her hair. If you like to switch up  your style ever so often, you’ll need to use good quality styling products that also protect your mane and scalp – use TCB Naturals Herbal Pomade to maintain your hair without adding too much weight.

2. Moisturizing Is Important

After the birth of her son, Tiwa noticed her hair breaking off, resulting in a bald patch on her head. She switched to an intensive care and conditioning routine to help her hair to regain its lost moisture and strength. She also wore her hair natural for a few weeks to give her strands enough time to rest and recuperate. TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment, for instance, works perfectly to deeply moisturise and nourish your hair.

Technique and your choice of products can make all the difference to your scalp’s health. Make sure to check out Why It’s Important To Moisturize Your Hair Often before you lay out your own curl maintenance routine.

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