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Tyra Banks’ Stylist Reveals How He Created Her Most Iconic Looks3 min read

Tyra Banks' Stylist Reveals How He Created Her Most Iconic Looks

Behind Tyra Banks’ fabulous hairstyles, there is the famous celebrity hairstylist Oscar James. This hairstyling magician has styled Tyra’s hair for the Tyra Banks’ show and America’s Next Top Model. James is the mane man at the moment and has revealed how he created her most iconic looks!

1. Choose The Correct Weave

Tyra slays all the weave hairstyles. According to Oscar James, if you tend to use few thick weaves, it will end up giving you a choppy-weave look. Instead, use many thin weaves, because that way when you cut it, it will give you a more natural hair appeal.

2. Sleek Ponytail

Now and then, we have seen Tyra Banks’ sport a sleek ponytail hairstyle. According to James, if you wish to create a sleek ponytail look, it is best to flat iron your natural hair first. Once you do that, snatch it up into a high ponytail, for a sleek and shiny hairstyle. Make sure you use generous amount of TCB Naturals Hair Pomade to control and define the edges.

3. Good Night’s Sleep

A proper good night’s sleep is absolutely vital for your haircare. According to Tyra Banks’ hairstylist, you should always sleep with a satin bonnet or a scarf to maintain the level of moisture in your hair and roots. Sleeping on a cotton pillow can lead to moisture loss and brittle hair. No celebrity wants that!

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