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How To Apply A Leave-In Treatment To Your Hair3 min read

Curly hair is a prominent symbol of your culture and ethnicity. At the same time, natural hair is also quite coarse, and tends to lose moisture quickly, resulting in dry, unhealthy and dull hair. However, the right products can make your hair more manageable, eliminating the need for permanent straightening techniques.

Leave-in conditioners are one such product. These include sprays and creams, and can help to hydrate your hair, lock in the moisture and oils. In doing so, they make your hair smoother, stronger and healthier. Here is a simple routine on how to apply a leave-in product to your hair.

Step 1:

While leave-in treatment can be applied to dry hair, your hair will absorb maximum product immediately after a shower, while the strands are still damp. Squeeze out excessive water to avoid rinsing out the conditioner. A quick towel dry keeps the hair just damp enough to apply a leave-in product.

Step 2:

The next step is applying the TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment thoroughly from the root to the tip. Don’t ignore the tips – make sure they are evenly coated with conditioner to lock in the moisture. To ensure even coverage, hair can be sectioned into smaller parts. Avoid using excessive conditioner as it can slow down results and weigh down your hair.

Step 3:

As the name suggests these conditioners need not be washed out. If needed, gently comb out your hair using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, to untangle knots. When applied before blow drying or heat styling, a leave-in treatment results in silky soft hair as heat accelerates the process of conditioning. You can also choose to use the product at night, to give your hair enough uninterrupted time to absorb the product.

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