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How To Make Your Hair Look Healthy In 3 Steps3 min read

How To Make Your Hair Look Healthy In 3 Steps

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Afro hair is known for its voluminous, extra curly texture. It’s delightful to watch you girls wear your natural afro hair in style. However, they can easily become dry, frizzy and damaged if not treated properly. We have put together these tips to make your hair look healthier than ever.

Wash It The Right Way

An acceptable hair wash routine for black hair includes gently massaging your hair while shampooing and using conditioner generously. Dry your hair by squeezing it gently. Your mop will look shiny and glossy right after being washed. Use special moisturising products like TCB Natural Leave-In Treatment, which deeply moisturises, nourishes and rejuvenates your hair.

Vitamin E Is The Key

Vitamin E is an exceptional anti-oxidant that helps rebuild and repair aged tissues. Apart from increasing circulation in your scalp, it also promotes hair growth by reducing inflammation and repairing damaged hair follicles.  Massage your locs with TCB Naturals Hair Food. It is enriched with Vitamin E and lanolin that can make your hair feel stronger, look shinier and healthier.

Shine Boosting Mask

Your hair needs to rest. Coat them with a nourishing mask and make sure you sleep on a satin pillowcase. Coconut oil is an excellent overnight option. Massage it through your hair, from roots to tips. Shampoo it out in the morning. This will leave your hair looking shiny and healthy in no time.

Maintaining the quality of your hair is of utmost importance. Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair is a comprehensive guide that will help you preserve your curls.

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