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How To Prep Your Hair Before Relaxing3 min read

How To Prep Your Hair Before Relaxing

We relaxed-hair lovers can’t be stopped from wanting straight hair. We countdown the days to when our relaxer appointment is approaching! Ideally, you should start preparing your hair a week before the relaxer date. Here are a few tips and tricks you can follow for consistently great relaxing results.

Do Not Wash Before Relaxing

It is best to not wash your hair or scratch your scalp at all atleast for a week before the relaxation day. Applying a relaxer might be painful if your scalp is irritated or itchy.

Let Your Hair Rest

Correctly prepare your tresses for relaxation by removing any hair extensions such as braids or a weave one week prior to the relaxer day. The one-week interval will give your scalp adequate time to recover from the stress caused by wearing and removing extensions.

Moisturize and Heal

This is the most important step in prepping for hair relaxing. Protect your hair from becoming excessively dry by moisturizing a few times during the week with TCB Naturals Hair Food to restore essential oils. The Lanolin and Vitamin E in it does a great job of conditioning and strengthening damaged hair.

Protect Your Scalp & Hairline

Relaxers can irritate your skin; it is a great idea to apply a base cream on your scalp before relaxing by parting your hair into multiple sections. Do not forget to apply the base cream to your hairline and around your ears as well.

Pro Tip: Petroleum jelly acts as an excellent base.

Detangling & Combing

Comb and detangle your hair carefully during the week. Refrain from tugging too hard or scratching your scalp. If you exercise regularly, avoid workouts that make you sweat heavily on your scalp especially within the last 72 hours before you relax your hair.

Follow all these tips so your scalp and hair are all set to undergo a healthy relaxation! Maintaining relaxed hair is of paramount importance. Have a look at Things To Know After Relaxing Your Hair for proper hair care and maintenance.

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