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The Best Up-dos For Type 4 Natural Hair3 min read

The Best Up-dos For Type 4 Natural Hair

Type 4 curls are thick, voluminous and unique! However, it might be a challenge to try new hairstyles on it, until now! Curl queens with type 4 natural hair are gorgeous and we have some super chic up-dos in store for you to try!

1. Goddess Updo

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Girls, this hairstyle is one of the most chic hairstyles for you to try. It will make your kinky coils look bigger, fuller and defined at the same time. This hairdo is low maintenance and does not require more than 15 minutes to create. Add hair accessories to amp up the look and make sure you apply TCB Naturals Herbal Hair Pomade to achieve sleek edges.

2.Braided Bun

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This classy braided bun can be rocked on any occasion. Moreover, this protective hairstyle will keep your coils protected from the heat and pollution. You can wear beads while braiding your hair to make this look more effective and lamorous. To achieve this look, all you have to do is; cornrow the hair on your crown and bunch up your kinks into a low bun.

3. Space Buns

Courtesy: All things hair

Space buns is a trendy hairstyle that keeps going viral on social media, since many celebs are seen sporting it. This hairstyle is super cute and super easy; moreover, it is a protective hairstyle that will maintain your healthy natural coils. You can easily create them on your type 4 curls and own the look like a diva!

Wish to try more such creative up-dos?

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