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Three Ways Nathalie Emmanuel Styles Her 3C Curls3 min read

Three Ways Nathalie Emmanuel Styles Her 3C Curls

All hail Missandei from the Game of Thrones! The charming Nathalie Emmanuel is not only a beautiful face but also an extremely talented actress, who has taken up various versatile roles in her career. She is also known for her classic hairstyles and the way she carries her 3C curls. Check out some of her best hairstyles and try them today!

1. Side Swept Mohawk

Courtesy: Pinterest

This is one of our favourite hairstyles. It is ambitious and classy! Moreover, she wears it like a true diva. The tight braids on one side perfectly balances out the heavy Mohawk and makes her look glam. This is a creative, fun and a versatile way to wear your curls; we can’t wait for you to try!

2. The Classic Afro

Courtesy: Steal her style

There are plenty of instances where Nathalie just left her curls loose. She embraces her natural afro will all the love and always makes a statement with her hairstyles. Her golden brown 3C curls looks fresh and flawless here! Apply TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment regularly for moisturised and bouncy curls just like hers!

3. The Top Knot

Courtesy: Ceros

Well, the volume and bounce may get a little too much sometimes, this is when our Game of Thrones queen notches it down a little and throws her hair into a simple yet chic top knot. Moreover, this is a low maintenance hairstyle, which will also keep your curls healthy.

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