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Try The Pineapple Method For Natural Hair Growth2 min read

Try The Pineapple Method For Natural Hair Growth

Before you start thinking of any delicacy, we are here to tell you that the pineapple method is a hairstyle that preserves your hair length and curls. Pineapple method can be done on all natural hair types. The whole idea behind it is to pack the hair on top of your head, so only the back of your hair is disturbed while sleeping. If you wish to grow your ‘fro, try this method today!

This method preserves your curls, keeps it in a good shape the next day and effectively helps in retaining moisture. Moreover, using the pineapple method regularly will lead to more length retention and natural hair growth.

Step 1

Start by bending your hair forward and packing your hair up in a ponytail on top of your head. Make sure you properly secure the ponytail with a non-slip hair elastic.

Step 2

Once your high ponytail is ready, it will make a shape similar to a pineapple. Wear a satin cap or a pineapple scarf over it and go to sleep. While wrapping the scarf, make sure the curly part stays on the top.

Step 3

After waking up, remove the non-slip hair elastic. Spritz some water on your tresses and apply TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment once you are ready to go out. Have fun flaunting your shiny and healthy tresses!

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