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What Is The Difference Between 4A, 4B, 4C Hair?4 min read

What Is The Difference Between 4A, 4B, 4C Hair?

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Kinky or Type 4 hair doesn’t have to be relaxed to be manageable and look attractive. Understanding your hair’s texture and curl pattern can go a long way in helping you to choose a styling routine and the right products, to bring out the very best of your hair’s natural beauty. However, if you haven’t really ventured into the world of natural hair before, understanding your hair subtype can be a little challenging. Many women also have a combination of two or more subtypes, and this is something you should keep in mind when trying to figure out your hair type

Most African women have Type 4 or kinky hair. This hair is very wiry, has tight coils, and is quite dry and fragile. While this hair can look coarse, it actually is quite fine. The strands are tightly packed together and require regular maintenance and moisturising with a good quality product such as TCB Naturals Hair Food to retain their fullness, and prevent frizz and breakage.

1. 4A hair is the easiest to identify of the three subtypes, on account of its defined S curl pattern. The diameter of the spirals is close to a crochet needle. 4 A hair can be fine or wiry, and has fewer cuticle layers making it easily breakable. It is also quite dense and can hence appear quite dark. 4A hair also retains moisture better than 4B or 4C hair, and is better suited than the other two to wash and wear styles

2. 4B hair has a fluffy, cotton-like texture and signature Z-shaped curls. However, the curl pattern is not very well defined unlike 4A hair. This hair feels wiry to the touch, is drier than 4A hair and also more prone to breakage.

3. 4C hair is the most tightly coiled and does not have a defined curl pattern. This hair shrinks to 70 percent or more of its actual length and, although quite similar to 4B hair, is much more tightly packed. It is also the most fragile.

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All of these subtypes do well with a high quality moisturising routine, which should include our TCB Naturals Hair Food to prevent dryness and our Herbal Pomade for lightweight conditioning.

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