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Which Type Of Hair Conditioner Should You Use?2 min read

Which Type Of Hair Conditioner Should You Use?

Not all hair types are the same, neither are hair conditioners! Some are designed for daily use and some for weekly. It all depends on your hair type and requirement. Afro hair is heavily textured, voluminous and thick, thus finding the right conditioner for it is an absolute priority!

1. Instant Conditioners

They are specially designed for daily/regular use. Instant conditioners are watery and best for people who have brittle or oily hair. They are much surface acting, so if you use an instant conditioner daily, you also need to apply a deep conditioner weekly.

2. Deep Conditioners

Deep conditioners are a great way to boost the level of moisture and protein in your hair. It strengthens hair strands and should be ideally applied weekly or every 10 days. You can also apply leave-in treatments to your hair to maintain the level of moisture throughout the day. TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment is your ultimate solution!

3. Moisturising Conditioners

Apply a moisturising conditioner when your hair requires moisture. These conditioners play an important role in boosting moisture, hair elasticity and frizz reduction

4. Protein Conditioners

Protein conditioners help in rebuilding damaged strands and protect the hair cuticle. They are more surface acting and will give you soft, shiny and manageable locs.

Now that you know all about conditioners, find the best shampoo for your hair! Check out Tips On Picking The Best Shampoos For Your Hair

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