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What Is Hair Banding?3 min read

What Is Hair Banding

What Is Hair Banding?

Banding is a simple yet magical hair process, which will stretch your natural hair without any heat! It involves wrapping sections of your natural hair with small bands or elastics. When you band your hair with perfection, it looks as if you have blown out your hair with a dryer, but nope no heat is used at all. The practise of banding can give you stretched hair, waves and preserved curl definition.

How To Band Your ‘Fro

To band your ‘fro, all you have to do is take a section of wet or dry hair and starting from the root, wrap the small elastic hair bands or thread down the length of your hair. Then leave your hair as it is overnight or until it completely dries. Make sure you apply TCB Naturals Hair Food  before you start banding for results that are more effective.

How To Get A Good Stretch

For a good and long lasting stretch, it is best to start with clean and dry hair. If you already have products in your hair, it needs to be washed out, or else your results will not come out the way you want. Dry hair will give your straighter and predictable results. After you have mastered basic banding techniques, you will be able to create cute and stylish hairstyles for yourself and your girl gang. We can’t wait for you to try hair banding out!

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