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Beyoncé’s Easy Hair Care Regime3 min read

Beyoncé's Easy Hair Care Regime

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No one does extra as effortlessly as Queen Bey; her hair care regimen, however, is simple enough for you to replicate. All you need is a good understanding of the type of hair products Beyonce uses and the styling techniques she approves of. With that, we bring to you Beyoncé’s hair care regimen, with essential tips on how you can customize and make it your own.

1. Use Pomade For Flawless Braids

You don’t have to be terribly perceptive to acknowledge that Beyoncé’s Formation braids were as iconic as they come. Her hairstylist has said that using oil and pomade helped to create the right texture for braiding and to help the braids lay down correctly. Use the TCB Naturals Herbal Pomade, which nourishes your hair while styling it.

2. Keep Your Shampoos Sulphate Free

Beyoncé’s mother has claimed that the beauty sticks to sulphate-free, gentler shampoos to preserve her curl pattern and hair texture.

3. Don’t Forget To Moisturise

For Beyoncé, a hot oil concoction made with natural oils and Vitamin E works best, especially with the hair tucked into a heating cap. The heat is believed to help the oils to penetrate the strands more deeply. For an all-natural alternative, try TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment, which rejuvenates your hair without weighing it down.

4. Don’t Colour Your Hair Too Often

Even with a hectic onstage and touring schedule, Beyoncé prefers to colour her hair as infrequently as possible. This is an excellent move since curly hair tends to get drier and even more prone to breakage with treatments and processing. To keep your look fresh, use a hair gloss that protects your colour and makes your tresses shiny.

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