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The Best Red Carpet Looks Of Beyoncé3 min read

The Best Red Carpet Looks Of BeyonceCover image courtesy: InStyle

No one works the red carpet quite like Beyoncé does. Her fierce outfits and flawless makeup never fail to elicit approving sighs and second looks, as do her carefully curated hairstyles. If you’re looking to up your hair game and make a glamorous statement, check out these incredible red carpet looks, courtesy the Queen.

1. Micro-braid Cornrows

Courtesy: Popsugar

Worn by Beyoncé to the BET Awards, these free-falling micro-braids were fierce and free-flowing enough to add their own movement to the singer’s legendary dance moves. Before braiding your hair, make sure to use a good quality moisturising product such as TCB Naturals Herbal Pomade, which soothes your scalp and conditions your hair, without weighing it down.

2. The Gladiator Braid

Courtesy: Allure

Thigh-length, Instagram-worthy and very, very fabulous, Beyoncé’s braid even had its own dance moves at the 2016 Tidal X 1015 concert. This tight, sleek style can accentuate your cheekbones and bring out your features, while taking up your style game by several notches. Use TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment the night before you style your hair, for maximum moisture and shine.

3. Multiple Braids

Courtesy: Mane Addicts

Beyoncé rocked this protective style at the 2016 VMAs red carpet. Further accentuating this look were her blonde highlights, which gave onlookers a close look at her hair’s intricate twists and curls. When colouring curly hair, make sure to also regularly moisturise your locks to keep them from drying out. Use TCB Naturals Hair Food, which replenishes your natural oils and softens your hair.

Before styling your hair into any of these glamorous styles, check out our guide on Beyoncé’s Easy Hair Care Regime to keep your hair healthy, nourished and easy to style.

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