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How To Care For High Porosity Hair2 min read

How To Care For High Porosity Hair

Ladies, the cold and dry weather is here! Which marks a change in your haircare regimen. Women with all hair types have to noticeably start taking extra care of their afro, especially women with ‘high porosity hair’. So what do you do in a time like this? You tweak your regimen! Below are a few healthy hair tips that will show you how to take care of high porosity hair.

1. Deep Condition

High porosity hair loses moisture quickly. Make sure you use a good quality and heavy deep conditioner to moisturise your tresses. Get into the habit of rinsing your hair with cold water to effectively seal in the moisture.

2. Avoid Heat

High porosity hair is often prone to dryness and breakage. The strands are extremely brittle and thin so using heat to style your afro will only make the situation worse. Opt for heat free alternatives and let your hair air dry as much as you can.

3. Increase Protein

You especially require more protein because so much of it escapes easily alongside the moisture. Using TCB Naturals Hair Food frequently will provide your hair ample level of protein, thereby strengthening your tresses and decreasing breakage.

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